Bedroom Cleaning Routine

Bedrooms are supposed to be your sanctuary, but when the clutter takes over it can often be overwhelming.  Bedtime is time for peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation.  Your bedroom is the first thing that you see when you wake up in the morning.  Yet it is often the most neglected room in the house. Our trained, uniformed, and insured maid team members will take the utmost of care in your personal space giving you back your peaceful place.

Throughout all bedrooms we will vanquish dust from ceiling corners, to ceil fans.  All furniture including night tables will be tidied up and dusted.

We will make your bed, and change your linens.  Leaving you with with fresh clean sheets to crawl into at the end of hard day.

We will sweep, mop and vacuum all of your flooring.  On our way out the door we will take out the trash and reline your trash can.

Your bedroom is now back to a state of bliss.  Our maid service teams will honor all special requests to ensure that your cleaning is just the way that you like it.

Bedroom Cleaning Routine

Follow these simple guidelines to keep your space clean and clutter free every day of the year.  Ensuring that you always have a peaceful place to lay your head at night.

  • Daily: Make your bed every morning. It takes less than 5 minutes and will help keep the whole room looking cleaner. Pick up any laundry and toss it into a laundry bin.
  • Weekly: Once per dust your night side tables, lamp shades, and declutter your tables.  Change your sheets, and fluff your pillows. Quickly vacuum and make sure to get under the corners of the bed as well, dust can easily accumulate there.
  • Monthly: Rotate your mattress according the manufacturer’s instructions, some only need it once every three months. Take a look at your closet and donate anything that has lost its useful life.  Organize items into like colors, and items.
  • Yearly: Take care of all the hard to reach places such as the top shelves of your closet, behind the bed frame, window frames and door frames.  Take inventory of your drawers, collecting items as you go to donate, and making a list of items that need to be replaced.

Once you have to clutter under control you will feel more at ease in your environment.  Our maid service team can help you keep your home clean and sanitized throughout the year with one of our maid service packages customized to meet all of you needs.