Laundry Room Cleaning Routine

Any active family, will have an overactive laundry and utility room.  Keeping up with the laundry is probably one of the hardest things to do especially as your family grows.  Our maid service teams do not do the laundry for you, but we will help keep the space you do it in clean and fresh.

In the laundry room we will dust and clean the outside of the washer and dryer.  We will clean and dust all horizontal surfaces. Your floors will be cleaned and disinfected.  We will empty your trash can and reline it with a fresh liner.

Sticking to a routine will keep you safe from a mountain of laundry, wrinkles, and that not so fresh smell in your laundry room.

Daily: Gather laundry and take it directly to the laundry room.  I like to use my washer as a laundry hamper so that as soon as it is full I start it up.

Weekly: Hang up all shirts, pants and dresses that have been laundered.  While you are at it make sure to put them into a logical spot in the closet.  If your closet is feel cramped take a moment to weed out any items that are no longer used.

Monthly: Wash all duvets, blanket covers, throw blankets etc… Take a moment to vacuum the sides and back of your dryer so that lint doesnt build up.

Yearly: Clean off your laundry room shelves, remove any items that have managed to live in the cabinets well past their lifetime. Check your lint traps and see if you need a dryer vent cleaning.  Doing so can prevent house fires.

So while The Boardwalk Cleaning Co. does not typically perform laundry duties, but as housekeeping professionals we still have a few tricks up our sleeves for your laundry care needs.

Keeping Your Laundry Room Clean


I will not get into stain removal myself, but rather point you in the direction of the best stain removal data base I have ever found. Clean Any Stain

Green Laundry Cleaning

Did you know that vinegar is a natural disinfectant and laundry softener.  Add 1 cup of vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda to your white, kitchen clothes etc rather than using bleach.  It is better for the environment and easier on your clothes.

Banish Mildew

Have a basket handy that can store wet towels while they dry, prior to putting them in wash.  Wet clothes from the kitchen and bathroom are the biggest culprits of mildew in the laundry room.

Once you have caught up on all the laundry and tackled those sweaty stinky socks sit back relax, and leave the rest to us.  Our maid service professionals will take care of every detail of your house cleaning needs.  Get a free no-obligation quote: 512-258-4798