Living Room Cleaning Routine

To clean and dust and declutter only to do it all over again.  This is why they call it the living room.  The only time that it seems to stay clean is when there is nobody in the house.  The Boardwalk Cleaning Co professional maids will whip your space back into shape.  Creating a clean, but cozy environment for your family to enjoy.  We will even throw in a few tips to help you maintain your space.

Throughout the living room we are going to start at the top left corner and work our way around left to right top to bottom.  Our professional trained maid service teams will dust your ceiling fans, all horizontal surfaces, and thoroughly dust all your furniture.

Your couch will be de-crumbed including all of your couch cushions banished of fuzzy pet fur and goldfish.

We will vacuum all rugs, carpet, including all dust bunnies.  Your floors will be thoroughly swept, mopped, or vacuumed.

We will tidy up as we go to give your living room a fresh look and feel.

There are times when your home may not be so much as dirty, but cluttered.  Follow this cleaning and decluttering routine, to keep your neat and orderly all throughout the year.

Living Room Cleaning Routine

Routine is the key to creating habits, and maintain a clean and clutter free home.  At the Boardwalk Cleaning Co. we follow a consistent approach to your house cleaning services.  For your whole home clean follow a cleaning schedule to maintain your spaces between services.

  • Daily: Everyday collect items throughout the room that have managed to migrate into the living area.  Pick a spot, or a basket to collect all these items, and then return them to their rightful spot.
  • Weekly: Pick one day per week that you do the dusting.  First declutter as you do on a daily basis, then working from left to right, top to bottom, dust around the room. Dust the coffee table, all end tables, and lamp shades.  Finally vacuum or dust the couch, and rotate your cushions.  Rotating your cushions increases the lifespan of your couch.
  • Monthly: Move all your furniture and vacuum underneath, be sure to hit the baseboards giving them a quick vacuum followed by a damp microfiber to reduce allergens for a clean and healthy environment.  Take a moment to quickly get window frames, door frames, and blinds as needed.
  • Yearly: Once a year it is a good idea to evaluate your living room.  Go through DVD and Video Game cases, remove items that have found the end of their useful lifetime.  Clean and dust behind all electronics, and get rid of broken or useless items.

Sometimes it isn’t that dirty that makes your home feel a mess, it is the clutter. Objects can easily accumulate and take over your home, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Even when your areas are cleaned they are not organized. Our maid service professionals have some great tips on how to regain your space and get organized.

  1. Grab a tote and be ready to take control of the clutter.  First off if it looks like junk it probably is.  If you haven’t used it in 6 months to a year you probably don’t need it. Corral unused, but still needed items into an orderly fashion, using a nice tray or bowl can totally change the appearance of those extra remotes.
  2. Having a place for your designated place for your items keeps the clutter down and ensures that when you need something it is there. Make it a habit to put items back where they belong when you are done using them.
  3. Make a habit of it.  Keep up with the clutter by keeping a donation box where you can easily toss items and take them out of the house.

Keeping up with these simple tasks will ensure a clean, and clutter free living space.  We all know you have better ways to spend your time so give us a call and get a free quote at 512-258-4798.  We are your locally owned maid service in Austin, TX.