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Clean Home Office=Productive Work Environment

Whether you own your own business and use your home as an office space, bring work home on occasion, or have the flexibility to work from home as needed you need to have a clean home office to get the job done right.  While our definitions of a clean office may differ, there is no denying the fact that we don’t just work at our desks, but we indeed touch it, sneeze on it, spill on day after day.

So it is no wonder that a study by the University of Arizona found that about 10 million bacteria particle have set up house on your desk.

Luckily, we have developed a few tools and tricks to combat these pests over the years.  Creating a healthy home office environment will help to keep your productivity levels at a stellar level.

Whether we are at your home for a one time cleaning or for a regular cleaning service we will tackle even the germs and bacteria that you can’t see.

Our home office cleaning includes dusting all of your surfaces.  We will dust with care, using a microfiber cloth.  The microfiber cloth acts like a magnet for dust and bacteria, all while be safe on your office equipment.

We will sweep, vacuum, and mop your flooring.  All surfaces will be tidied up.  We do not throw anything away unless you request it.

If you have sensitive documents that need to be shredded, please let us know, we will be sure not to take these items out with your regular trash and recycling.

Here are 6 things you can do to make your home office cleaner.

The Keyboard:

Do you ever feel just dirty when typing away at your keyboard?  I can say I am feeling a little dirty right now.  So let’s take control of those microbes together.  First, take it to a safe place and give it a good shake.  Dislodge as many particles of your lunch and yup, skin, fingernails, and so on that you possibly can.  And then….

  • Using a microfiber cloth and a disinfectant spray give the entire surface a good wipe.  Spray the cleanser on the cloth until damp, but not wet
  • Grab a q-tip, dip it into some rubbing alcohol and get between the keys
  • Repeat with a final wipe with the microfiber
  • Set aside to dry before plugging it back in

The Monitor

Disconnect it and wipe it down with microfiber cloth.  They are like magnets and they are safe on screens.  Be sure to get into the nooks and crannies where dust lives and builds.  It may be a little thick close to the plus as dust seems to be drawn to these areas.

Take on Dust

Get the vacuum out and work top to bottom, left to right.  Be sure to get the tops of curtains, window frames, door frames, tops of picture frames and so on.  Continue around the room and then with the microfiber go back through and get what the vacuum missed.  Finish off with a thorough vacuuming of the floors to collect everything that has so far fell to the ground.

Clear the Clutter

Take a moment now to clear the clutter off of your desk.  Sort, file, recycle, shred, and throw out any post-it’s or pens that are not longer needed.


Everything we touch is like a little biodome for microbes.  So disinfect the phone, all cords, head pieces, keypad and so on.  Anything that you use and touch on a regular basis should also be disinfected on a regular basis.

The Boardwalk Cleaning Co had been providing professional maid services in Austin, TX for more than a decade.  Let us help you keep your home office in tip top shape. Call 512-258-4798 for a free quote.

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